Team editorial work guidelines

The editorial ensures that the following components have been fulfilled by the author, the following components must be fulfilled by the author:

  1. Full article manuscripts must use English writing
  2. The file sent by the author must be in the file type Ms. word
  3. Citations must use Bibliography applications, such as Mendeley reference or Zotero
  4. The author must cite at least 1 article from previously related articles from article sources that have been published on JKRY
  5. The author has sent the results of a plagiarism check on his article, with a value of less than 30%
  • If these components are not fulfilled then send them back to the author, and give comments to complete which components are not fulfilled.
  • If all of the above components are met, then continue the editorial process to select a reviewer. Comment on the reviewer to complete the review in a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • Check back at OJS if the reviewer has sent the revised results, check the reviewer's conclusions, and decide to continue proofreading, and layout to the admin.